प्रगतिशील बहुजन लोकतांत्रिक परिषद

Progressive Bahujan Democratic Council (PBDC)

प्रगतिशील बहुजन लोकतांत्रिक परिषद
Progressive Bahujan Democratic Council (PBDC)

( A Confederation of Federations of All India OBC, SCs, STs, Muslim, Christian, Other Minorities, EBCs, Mahila, Vidyarthi, Karshaka, All India Veteran Federation etc.)

Sub: Seeking your support and patronage to our Progressive Bahujan Democratic Council (PBDC) -प्रगतिशील बहुजन लोकतांत्रिक पार्टीपार्टी : To make public represent accountable to functional democracy: Ensure Democratic, Socialistic and Secular Institutions to deliver factual goods

Progressive Bahujan Democratic Council

Affiliated Community & Professional Organisations

  • All India OBCs Federation ( www.AllIndiaOBCFederation.Com),
  • All India SCs Federation (www.AllIndiaSCFederation.Com),
  • All India STs Federation (www.AllIndiaSTFederation.Com),
  • All India Mahila Federation (www.allindiaMahilaFederation.Com),
  • All India Muslim Federation (www.AllIndiaMohammedanFederation.com)
  • National students Federation
  • National Lawyers Federation,
  • National Veteran Federation,
  • labour Trade Union of Party
  • National Democratic Economic Weaker Sections (EWS)
  • All India Christian Federation
  • All India Labour Federation,
  • All India Teachers Federation,
  • All India Doctors Federation,
  • All India Para Medicals Federation
  • Rashtriya Karshaka Parishad, etc.,

  • The Aims and Objectives of Progressive Bahujan Democratic Council (PBDC)

    Following are the main aims and objectives of PBDC

    1. Implement the Constitution of India in its "Letter and Spirit".
    2. Screen accountable MLAs, MPs, etc.who comply MoU with the party through a first preference majority vote in respective constituency who will represent Progressive Bahujan Democratic Council (PBDC) in such elections.
    3. Recall of MPs, MLAs, etc. vide their contract on account of their inaction, incapacity, corruption or fails to answer 3 consecutive General Body Meetings.
    4. PBDC's Political Working Committee consisting of Presidents of all Moolanivasy Constituents each GP, or Municipal Ward, Mandal, District, State and National levels.
    5. Prime Minister / Chief Minister / Chairman ZPTC / Chairman Mandal Parishad / Sarpanch on rotation between Dalits and OBCs and Deputy PM / Dy CM / Vice Chairman ZP / Mandal or Block / Dy. Sarpanch for Minorities.
    6. PBDC to implement Reservation proportional to their population i.e., 50% to underprivileged OBCs, 20% to underprivileged SCs, 10% to underprivileged STs, 10% to underprivileged Muslims, 5% to underprivileged Economically Backwards, 3% to underprivileged Christians, (including 40% to women, 30 % to youth of respective community) in the Legislature / local Bodies.
    7. PBDC to implement 40% Reservation to women at all levels of political representation.
    8. PBDC to implement reservation to OBCs, SCs, STs, Minorities, and Women in Higher Judiciary.
    9. Redressal of the public grievance by the Executive in 30 days.
    10. Resolution of Court case before Trail Court in 2 years, Ist appeal in one year, 2nd appeal in one year, SLP in one year and make Judiciary accountable to State with its autonomy.
    11. Autonomy to Police with Policing accountable to the State with its autonomy.
    12. Lok Pal at the national levels, Lok Ayuktha at the state level, Upa Lok Ayukta at District, Vigilance Officers redress Public Grievance at Mandal or Block level accountable to Judiciary or Ombudsman as the case may be.
    13. Free education to all from Class I to PG. Underprivileged children will have compulsory education upto 10th Class with hostel facilities.
    14. Reimbursement of the fee to the Children of people of middle Classes from Class I to Graduation.
    15. New health schemes including the provision of kits on post deliveries.
    16. House/plot/Flat to those who do not own their houses live as tenants on self finance schemes.
    17. Free Power, Water to the BPL families and 50% concessional power and water to middle classes families.
    18. Modernization of all public institutions, schools, and hospitals with the best infrastructure.
    19. Agricultural Board at Mandal or Block level to resolve farmers problems.
    20. Free tractor ploughing support and storage of produce in go-downs to small and medium scale farmers.
    21. State to buy all agricultural produce at the MSP fixed by the Union of India.
    22. Undertake new Irrigation projects to promote agriculture as a profitable profession.
    23. Waive off agricultural loans of small and medium-scale farmers and arrest suicides among the helpless farmers.
    24. Provide Crop insurance and provide farmers welfare schemes of farmers.
    25. Armed Forces Tribunals also to resolve civil matters pertaining to servicemen and ex-servicemen service matters.
    26. Out of turn allotment of residential flat/plot to all war widows, and homeless ex-serviceman, Policemen killed while serving the State.
    27 Self-employment loans for promotion of Small Scale Industries / Business ventures within 45 days, and State to be guarantor till such loan is recovered.
    28. Regularisation of contract employees with their respective seniority with the promotion.
    29. Hardworking public servants to get pecuniary benefits and given promotions.
    30. Fifty Bedded Hospital at Mandal/Block HQs & 10.Bedded Hospital at each PHC or Municipal Ward or Gram Panchayath. 31. Availability of all essential commodities at the rational prices.
    32. Affiliate Community NGOs, Vidyarthi, Mahila, Veteran, Advocates, Doctors, Teachers, Employees, Federations etc., and their representation in Upper Houses (Councils) of State and Parliament.
    33. For smaller States and Districts for development of the nation, States, Districts and rural India.
    34. To reforms administration, Quasi-Judicial services, powers of the Executive and set them accountable to principles of public service.
    35. Repealing of laws against the interests of SCs, STs, OBCs, Minorities, Women.
    36. Pensions to Old aged, widows, single mother, orphans, Physically Handicapped.
    37. Implement the principles of Secularism in letter and spirit and the State to restrain from interference in the religious matters and vice verse.
    38. Protection of Girls and Women from all types of Social, Domestic and Institutional harassment.
    39. Ensure reforms in Judiciary with its Judicial Commission.
    40. Autonomy to the Defence, CBI, RBI, and all Govt crucial State agencies,
    41. Make 4th Estate Accountable to the State to arrest their blackmailing or their yellow media misleading about a group of persons, or selective faiths represented by minorities, OBCs, Dalits, . Among Other Objectives.

    Progressive Bahujan Democratic Council (PBDC) impaneled news portal www.indianwhitepaper.com

    For membership, volunteer well-wisher of Progressive Bahujan Democratic Council (PBDC) may register online.

    Register Online. Regards.


    MA Mujeeb, M.P.M, L.L.B.,

    (Advocate High Court/Farmer - President Rashtriya Karshaka Parishad/Air Veteran/Editor)


    T. KRISHNA (President: All India SCs Federation)

    GV Venakateshwarlu (President : All India OBCs Federation)

    MAH Saberi (President : All India Mohammedan Federation)

    All India Committee :
    Plot No. 187, 2nd Road, Sainik Vihar, RK Puram (Po), Secunderabad Telangana State, India 500056 email ; npresident.bahujandemocraticparty@gmail.com Whatsapp Number 9948293679

    ..............TELANGANA STATE AD-HOC COMMITTEE............
    Captain (Veteran) BSN Reddy
    ( President Rastriya Karshaka Parishad TS Committee) & PRESIDENT, PBDC- TELANGANA STATE COMMITTEE

    Md. Raheal Ahmed, (Advocate High Court & President :
    All India Mohammedan Federation-TS) CHAIRMAN ; PBDC TS : WORKING COMMITTEE

    Advocate Manda Murali
    (President : All India OBC Federation - TS Committee)

    Mrs KATAKAM SHARADA, (Advocate)
    (President - All India Mahila Federation-TS Committee)

    GVK Rao ( Ex-Navy)
    (President, All India Veterans Federation TS Committee)
    PBDC TS - General Secretary I

    Maniram Naik
    (President, All India STs Federation TS)
    TS PBDC Secretary

    G. Venkatesh (General Secretary - All India OBC Federation TS)
    TS PBDC Treasurer

    ............... TELANGANA STATE AD-HOC COMMITTEE ....................
    Plot No. 185, 2nd Road, Sainik Vihar, RK Puram (Po),
    Secunderabad, Hyderabad Telangana India 500056
    email ; tspresident.bahujandemocraticparty@gmail.com
    Whatsapp Number 9948293679